Cultural Bridge celebrates bilateral partnerships between the UK and Germany

Cultural Bridge celebrates bilateral artistic partnerships between the UK and Germany through the collaboration between Arts Council England, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, British Council, Creative Scotland, Fonds Soziokultur, Goethe-Institut London and Wales Arts International / Arts Council of Wales.

The programme aims to act as a platform of artistic exchange, enabling others to discuss social issues, strengthen the exchange between the UK and Germany and foster collaboration and cultural democracy.

For our 2023 - 2024 programme, we're thrilled to announce 15 partnerships between UK and German-based organisations, who have been awarded funding to develop cultural projects exploring issues facing communities across both countries.

The new programme follows a pilot year that funded the creation of 7 partnerships between 2021-2022. Three of the pilot projects, ENTER, FAILSTONE and Ode to Earth (Phase 2) have been awarded funding to continue to develop their projects through Cultural Bridge 2023 - 2024. Key learnings and the impact of the pilot year programme are available through the evaluation report, written and produced by tialt

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The 2023 - 2024 projects:

Illuminate Together

– a collaboration between Handmade Parade (England) and Kapuziner Kreativzentrum (Germany)

Co-creating with young voices

– a collaboration between Mahogany Opera Group (England) and Frequenz_Festival Kiel (Germany)


– a collaboration between Make Works Scotland 'Paved with Gold' (Scotland) and Kulturzentrum LUISE (Germany)

Going spaces: forming new connections and fostering collaboration

– a collaboration between Motorenhalle Dresden (Germany) and SET studios London (England)

Our EARTH Hour

– a collaboration between MOTTE eV. Stadtteil & Kulturzentrum (Germany) and Head4Arts (Wales)

Playing with Audio Walks: Storydive meets Produced Moon

– a collaboration between Produced Moon (Scotland) and Storydive (Germany)

Growing Together to Facilitate Community Stories

– a collaboration between THE bEAR e.V. (Germany) and Open Past (Scotland)

At the Table

– a collaboration between The MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre) (Northern Ireland) and coculture e.V. (Germany)

Strictly Scottish and Schottisch

– a collaboration between Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland (TDFS) (Scotland) and Folk Dance Society of Germany (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkstanz e.V.) (Scotland)

Female Spaces

– a collaboration between vier.D (Germany) and ACCA/ Slung Low (England)

In Each Other's Company

– a collaboration between National Dance Company of Wales and Of Curious Nature (Germany)


– a collaboration between Creative Black Country (England) and Kuturvilla Nellie (Germany)


– a collaboration between Folkestone Fringe (England) and Fine Arts Institute Leipzig - FAIL (Germany)

Between Moons. Spree~Channelsea Transmissions

– a collaboration between Soundcamp CIC (England) and Archipel Stations (Germany), with Blanc Sceol / Surge Cooperative and Radio Otherwise

Ode to Earth (Phase 2)

– A collaboration between VILLA Leipzig (Germany) and Beyond Skin & DU Dance (Northern Ireland)


  • Arts Council England
  • The Arts Council of Northern Ireland
  • The British Council
  • Creative Scotland
  • Fonds Soziokultur
  • Goethe-Institut London
  • Wales Arts International