Chemnitz & Manchester Residency

Partners: Quarantine (Manchester, England) and ASA-FF e.V./ Freundinnen- und Förderkreis Arbeits- und Studienaufenthalte in Afrika, Asien und Lateinamerika (Chemnitz, Germany)

Image © Quarantine, photographer David Lindsay

This Cultural Bridge partnership is between Quarantine – one of the UK’s leading contemporary performance companies – and ASA-FF/nun – an association exploring new undiscovered narratives to promote democratic values. Their home bases of Manchester and Chemnitz are twin cities bonded by their respective post-industrial past. The funding allows the partners to explore cross-cultural exchange in each city through jointly presenting a public participatory project in libraries and, through residencies, to connect and create the circumstances for exchange between artists and practitioners. A hybrid working approach between live and digital connection will look at how language shifts within the delivery of socially-engaged projects.”

Richard Gregory, Artistic Director, Quarantine

About the partners

Quarantine is one of the UK’s foremost contemporary performance companies. Our mission is to make performance and other public events that create new circumstances to talk about contemporary life.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Being led by ambitious, artistic ideas and supporting the best circumstances for the creation of high-quality work
  • Actively challenging accepted hierarchies, practices and conventions in theatre and society, in particular interrogating whose voice gets heard and raising questions about access and representation – who stands in place of whom
  • Working collaboratively with partners who can help us to achieve our mission, by presenting our work in appropriate local, national, and international contexts and by taking steps to extend and broaden the range of people who create and experience our work
  • Being organised in a robust, dynamic, and human way, proactive around change, to deliver our work in the best, most responsible way possible, to ensure it has a legacy

For 25 years, we have made work of varying scale with and about the people who appear in it. We empower real people to tell their own stories and to connect with one another, putting the hidden voices and stories of ordinary people centre-stage. 

The ASA-FF e.V. association promotes democratic values through educational measures in the fields of art, culture and social entrepreneurship. It works independently of religion, politics and ideology. ASA-FF contains of four programs, of which one is new undiscovered narratives (nun). The best stories and most exciting narrative forms are found in art and culture. They touch us emotionally and affect us directly. Within our program new undiscovered narratives we advise and support innovative cultural production: from football and fan culture projects to theatre plays and films. 

Image © The ASA-FF