The Invisible City

Partners: Tortoise in a Nutshell (Edinburgh, Scotland) and Theater Gruene Sosse (Frankfurt, Germany)

Image © Tortoise in a Nutshell

“Cultural bridge will enable us to partner with like-minded artists to produce outstanding art for people of all ages. It is so important to be able to go into a process like this with time, space and openness, which the program will provide. Together, Theatergruenesosse and Tortoise in a Nutshell will explore the invisible cities and perspectives in the places that surround us. The funding allows us to collaborate and bring together young people from both Frankfurt and Edinburgh to learn and share with one another and discover the similarities and differences in our local communities and artistic practices.”

Tortoise in a Nutshell and Theater Gruene Sosse

About the partners

Tortoise in a Nutshell is an Edinburgh based charity that creates world class visual theatre. Through a unique blend of innovation and multidisciplinary practice, we look to create original performance and participatory work to ignite the imagination.

Formed in 2010, Tortoise in a Nutshell’s work is at the forefront of visual theatre, delivering exciting and thought-provoking experiences for, and with, communities of all ages. Our vision is that anyone can access exemplary visual theatre, an artform motivated by positive social impact, which provides for the needs of all peoples. Our work is driven by a visual language that allows us to create poetic and memorable theatre that focuses on universal themes and human stories.

Tortoise in a Nutshell looks to create accessible, engaging experiences for our communities. We continuously challenge ourselves and the way we think, ensuring we stay relevant and impactful for the people we work with and for. We offer national and international touring productions and bespoke community engagement projects, alongside design and build commissions. We work as collaborators, project leaders and commission artists for partner organisations of all scales and sizes. 

TheaterGrueneSosse is a renowned theatre for young audiences and everyone else in Frankfurt/Germany. Its plays are intended to challenge and open up new perspectives. It works with the means of performance, narrative theatre and many other art forms to realise its unconventional productions. It performs its repertoire in Frankfurt am Main and has always been a successful guest theatre company at regional, national and international level.

This includes young people making art themselves at Löwenhof Frankfurt, where TheaterGrueneSosse resides. In different projects children and young people work on their own ideas with professional guidance.

TheaterGrueneSosse does not believe in the lone genius - it therefore opens up its artistic work to all sides. It creates the framework conditions for the emergence of shared creative fields, for congenial theatrical events. TGS regularly works with international directors and engages in dialogue with other artists, children and young people. 

Image © TheaterGrueneSosse