Collectively Crossing: Affiliation Bridges

Partners: Kunstverein Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany) and Bistro 21 and Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre (BOARC) (Prenton, England)

Image © Bistro 21

"Our partnership 'Collectively Crossing: Affiliation Bridges', consisting of KV Leipzig, Bistro21 and BOARC, merges artistic research, collaborative exploration, and community engagement. Through shared principles of inclusivity, collectivity and experimentation, we aim to initiate cross-cultural dialogue by exploring economic transformation commonalities between Leipzig and Liverpool. A six-day residency at Bidston Observatory in the UK, including workshops and discussions, will facilitate interdisciplinary exchange and organisational reflections. It will amplify cross-pollination of ideas, establishing a model for collective, innovative arts practices and responsible participatory approaches. The Culture Bridge funding empowers this collaborative exchange, laying the groundwork for sustained partnership and meaningful community involvement."

Kunstverein Leipzig, Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre (BOARC), Bistro 21

About the partners

Kunstverein (KV) Leipzig, established in 2014, serves as a curated space for contemporary art and its intersections with society. Our mission is to provide a platform for exchange and engagement with (emerging) artists, fostering dialogue and collaboration. Embracing both local and international perspectives, we catalyze cultural impulses in Leipzig, bringing them together with local communities in a socially engaged practice.

As a non-hierarchical collective, our interdisciplinary, volunteering team pioneers a model deeply rooted in Leipzig's context, reflecting on global phenomena. Our curation approach aims at fostering a collaborative environment with artists, visitors, neighbours and members alike. Our diverse formats, ranging from exhibitions to workshops and public discussions, are designed to cultivate a contemporary, interactive, and socially engaged community.

Our commitment extends beyond art, forging partnerships with local and international cultural entities, as well as initiatives beyond the arts sphere, sharing a common societal interest. Recognised with the ADKV-ART COLOGNE Prize in 2019, Kunstverein Leipzig stands as a transformative force, emphasising encounter and critical exchange, enriching the urban landscape as an integral part of the community. 

Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre (BOARC) near Liverpool is a self-organising study site for research, communality and experimentation, with a primarily direction towards cultural production, and supporting the development of communities.

BOARC actively promotes a participatory approach, fostering collaboration and community engagement. It is not for profit, and focuses on providing a low-cost, temporary work space and residencies for individuals and groups, to bring them together, and take the time needed to develop their practices and projects. BOARC welcomes a wide diversity of fields, such as art, music and theatre, to philosophy, bodywork, social activism, environmental science, culture and technology. Based in a historical, industrial landmark, it is a space where discussion can easily flow, and ideas can bounce between the domes and basement workspace. BOARC’s values and operational model are highly influenced by the Performing Arts Forum in France, and centre on inclusivity and participatory practices. It provides a supportive environment, nurturing creative endeavours within a dynamic and collaborative community.