Feminism and Migrant activism

Partners: Stellar Quines Ltd (Fife, Scotland) and MPower (Berlin, Germany)

Image © MPower 

As a feminist theatre company this award provides a rare and important opportunity for us to collaborate with and learn from another organisation using co-creation with young women to make change. This kind of artistic and skills development will enable us to nourish, inspire and grow the ambition of our company and the young people we work with so that we can continue to work towards a just future for all.” Stellar Quines

With this funding we want to create a space for creative thinking, design and production together. An artistic exchange and encounter should take place in which the individual skills of both partnerships come together and are artistically linked. We want to get to know each other's workplaces so that we can get to know the resources available to us and do things together. We would like to show each other the cities, explore artistic fields together such as theaters, museums, festivals and what diversity the cities have to offer.” MPower

About the partners

Stellar Quines is an intersectional feminist theatre company for Scotland. Our vision is for an equitable world where the lives, needs and dreams of all women and people of other marginalised genders are valued and celebrated. Our company is fuelled by artists and communities who want to create this change. We create an environment for transformative theatre-making to thrive and we share what we do widely. We make original theatre productions, lead engagement project with communities, host a podcast, support artist development and run campaigns. Our theatre seeks to welcome everyone to share in diverse stories, think critically and understand who we are. We present our work in a variety of ways and aim to reach audiences who will be most transformed by the experience. We take theatre to places where audiences already are so they can enjoy it in the places they feel most comfortable. We also present our work in theatres, and we take steps to make those spaces more comfortable for audiences too. Our work explores oppression and is made by and for those experiencing oppression. We approach this with extra care for the people making it and watching it. We aim to be experts at this. Joy is essential. We know the collective approach is the only way to achieve our vision.


In our work, Mpower (pronounced: Empower) means the strength – the power – that is released through migration. Since 2015 - Mpower has been a self-organized collective of girls and (young) women with migration and refugee backgrounds that develops and implements projects for political and cultural (film) education. Girls and (young) women are given the opportunity to exploit their own artistic potential and self-confidently achieve transcultural artistic expression. We facilitate safe spaces for girls to explore their identities, connect with other girls, and access the resources they need.


Image © Stellar Quines Jupiter Art Land Exhibition