An Audio Hunt in Easterhouse 

Partners: Produced Moon (Glasgow, Scotland) and Storydive (Hamburg, Germany)

"Audio Hunts builds on our first collaboration funded by Tier 1, where we explored each other’s creative practices in Glasgow and Hamburg, hosted a world building workshop and created a podcast audio walk. Now we're thrilled to propose the next phase: developing a pilot project in Easterhouse, Glasgow, focussing on refining Audio Hunts as a creative form with local young people. Our aim is to grow our collaboration to encourage an international creative exchange. We look forward to expanding the project and finding partnerships and funding for its full realisation." Produced Moon and Storydive

An Audio Hunt in Easterhouse has received Tier 2 funding to continue the development of their partnership. Produced Moon and Storydive received Tier 1 Cultural Bridge funding in 2023 - 2024, read more about their partnership here. 

About the partners

Produced Moon

We are Produced Moon, a Creative XR Theatre Lab. We create playful, unsettling & magical experiences with audiences at the centre. Our work ranges from game theatre to escape rooms, participatory digital storytelling to 360 degree film & more.

Our aim is to advance the arts by creating high quality artistic events that centre the audience experience, through: - The creation and promotion of interdisciplinary events; - Working responsively with participants, either in workshops or as audience members, making them feel empowered.

We run participatory projects, where we co-create work with teenagers and older people. We work in collaboration with community groups, schools and arts organisations, often at Platform in Easterhouse, Glasgow where we have run VR workshops, co-created interactive games and run events for families showcasing the work of local young people.

All of our work is guided by our 5 organisational values, to be: playful, collaborative, caring, experimental & pluralistic. Our work is overseen by our board of trustees. 


Stories open up worlds. We believe that these worlds are often just around the corner. That's why we go in search of the extraordinary in everyday life. We stand for stories that touch you, give you a change of perspective and offer you funny, exciting and mindful moments in your everyday surroundings.

Storydive is a platform and multiplicator for artistic and literary audio walks, supporting artists and cultural / educational institutions throughout the production process of audio walks which are published in the apps Storydive and Ortspiel.

We want to make story dives possible for everyone. That's why we focus on the interplay between intuitive technology and exciting stories. We make audio walks more immersive, interactive and accessible. With our app, we offer a platform for the audio walk medium and bring together communities.

We also create audio walks together with children and young people to make their voices and perspectives heard - directly on the spot where they matter. Our workshop topics cover urban development, identity, culture of remembrance, empowerment and own voice narratives.