Rap School of Life - Improving Language and Mental Health 

Partners: Kanzi GmbH (Berlin, Germany), Forward Ever Education CIC and Hip Hop HEALS (Birmingham, England)

Rap School of Life will offer empowering tools for marginalized individuals and communities to overcome language barriers and process trauma through Trauma-Informed Hip Hop. Utilizing music, writing and performance, our creative health project combines Hip Hop’s healing tools and language learning methods to foster emotional self-regulation and improve language skills.

Kanzi, Forward Ever Inclusive Education and Hip Hop HEALS will collaborate to deliver online arts facilitator training, as well as self-care and language learning community workshops in Berlin and Birmingham, building on the approaches and methods developed and practiced in our work in arts, education and social care settings.” Kanzi GmbH and Forward Ever Education CIC 

Rap School of Life - Improving Language and Mental Health has received Tier 2 funding to continue the development of their existing partnership. 

About the partners


Since 2019, Kanzi has been combining rap music with language learning to provide a playful and motivating approach to languages that resonates with young people in their own life context. Together, we aim to promote more connection, participation, and (intercultural) exchange through language and music. Another core value of our work is anti-discrimination, consciously addressing topics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia in our workshops. Because even though there are rap songs with problematic content, we stand behind the great, empowering strength of rap as a space for creativity, expression, self-awareness and connection.


Forward Ever Inclusive Education

Forward Ever Inclusive Education is a Community Interest Company that specialises in Youth & Community, Education, Youth Justice and Social Care sectors.

Our aim is: To build the resilience of marginalised communities (including children & young people) exposed to a range of risk factors with limited protective factors enabling them to realise their full potential.

Our values are:

  • Authenticity
  • Empowerment
  • Equity

Our services are:

  • Consultancy to organisations that provide services to marginalised communities (including children & young people)
  • Training to Professionals that engage marginalised communities (including children & young people)
  • Projects for marginalised communities (including children & young people) (primarily those exposed to risk)

Our impact: Our services enable life-changing impact on members of marginalised communities (including children & young people) in a range of settings.



Vision: We help people thrive through Trauma-Informed creative health programmes.
Purpose: We reduce trauma symptoms.


  • Spread self-care tools
  • Spread Hip Hop Therapy training for trauma/PTSD
  • Offer Trauma-Informed Hip Hop Therapy