Colour Stories. Sharing journeys of a dyer's garden 

Partners: artpark Hoher Berg UG gemeinnützig (Schermbeck, Germany) and Brink! (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

What unites both our organisations is our desire to preserve our world for future generations and leave a lasting impact. With a shared passion for using art and cultural events as catalysts for social change, we want to work together on the topic of climate breakdown. We take all participants on a creative journey through a colour story. This ancient knowledge of extracting natural colour dyes from plants is the starting point. We will engage with the people of Belfast to bring their stories and identities to life through colour and nature.” artpark Hoher Berg UG gemeinnützig and Brink!

About the partners

artpark Hoher Berg is an experimental cultural laboratory that is always of no charge, thus offering everyone the opportunity to experience and participate. With around 8.000 m2, artpark provides a sustainable refuge with insect buffets and flowers, with fruit trees, walking paths and an unobstructed view into the distance. Old farmland, a field and a paddock, will be culturally enhanced and a dyer's garden will be established. The ancient knowledge of dyer's gardens and plants will be revived and made accessible to the public. The sustainable garden will be planted with dyer's thistle, camomile, marigold, amaranth and other plants. With dyes and seeds from nature, a variety of workshops are to be realised, from colour production to fabric dyeing. Since January 2023, artpark has been certified as "RCE-Ruhr", a "Regional Centre of Excellence for Education for Sustainable Development" (ESD) and thus part of the international network of the UN University. The RCE- Ruhr is based on a civil society oriented bottom-up approach. Artpark wants to use the communication around art and the creative will to support the cultural challenge of the UN Decade for Restoration of Ecosystems. 


We work and play at the point of change exploring new ways to think and act in our city. We are a platform for discussion, education and action centred on the issues of climate breakdown. We are driven by creative voices focused on innovative use of arts, technology and citizen science to break through the status quo and consider new ways of living more – connected, healthy, sustainable, and resilient lives – in a rapidly changing environment. Creative thinkers change how we see things.Artistic endeavour gives us permission to break the rules, to look at things from a different viewpoint, challenge the norm and step into the unknown before it is laid out. We are currently taking on a derelict site in Belfast city centre, to demonstrate what can happen when we look at our city centre differently – how we can connect with it, make it grow, find space to play, experiment and educate.