Partners: Angeprangert! Spoken Word (Weißwasser, Germany) and Young Identity (Manchester, England)

Image © Angeprangert! Spoken Word

"ARCHITEXTS OF CHANGE gathers young poets from the Lusatia and Manchester, crafting verses through the magic of "Spoken Word". With the help of digital workshops, they explore their histories, from coal mines to city growth, and create joint poems that seek to build bridges. Because what politics may fail to achieve, perhaps the spoken word can accomplish; Realizing that what unites us is greater than what divides us. The results will then be presented to different audiences at poetry shows in East Germany and England.

ARCHITEXTS OF CHANGE aims to unite voices for change, finding the power to shape tomorrow." Angeprangert! Spoken Word and Young Identity 

About the partners

ANGEPRANGERT! SPOKEN WORD is a Europe-wide literary initiative that trains its participants to become engaged poets through an innovative workshop concept. The project uses elements of Dadaism, rap, and the architectural principles of the BAUHAUS to create a form of literature that promotes equal opportunities and creative educational paths.

In 2020, ANGEPRANGERT! was awarded the title "Cultural and Creative Pilots Germany" for its concept and used the subsequent mentoring program to develop the foundations for its "SPOKEN WORD ACADEMY."; An Institute for Contemporary Youth Literature in the middle of the Sorbian area (a cultural minority), providing a home for young poets/authors from all over Europe between the ages of 15 and 25.

The "SPOKEN WORD ACADEMY" aims to explore new methods of learning and teaching, allowing young people to train in areas such as performance, stage poetry, spoken word theater, and workshop leadership. They can then become active in the academy, which creates new jobs and training opportunities, to reduce the growing emigration and right extremism in East Germany. The project promotes the exchange of young poets, their artistic development, and enables new synergies that may even lead to friendships and international connections.  

Young Identity is a Black, Asian and ethnically diverse-led arts charity that creates opportunities for young people from protected characteristics and areas of low engagement to participate in literature, performance and theatre.

We redefine poetry for a contemporary age. Creating the poet's and wordsmiths of the present and future. We do this through a youth-led, community-rooted, universally accessible and innovative form of poetry and performance practice and in turn, promote this unique work across the UK and internationally.

Our mission is to nurture, develop and champion the voices and creativity of underrepresented young people through literature, writing and performance. We create high-quality creative opportunities and participatory work that supports young people from all backgrounds to progress creatively, to realise their ambitions and to become the writers, performance artists and theatre-makers of tomorrow. 

Image © Young Identity