Uncomfortable Dialogues - Unveiling Marginalized Black Experiences through Dance, Film, and Storytelling

Partners: MINCE e.V. (Berlin, Germany) and Miss Lulu Creates LTD (London, England)

Image © MINCE

“In the bold partnership of MINCE e.V. and Miss Lulu Creates LTD, the "Uncomfortable Dialogues" project emerges as a vibrant testament to the power of art in sparking social change. Blending Black dance, storytelling, and film, this collaboration challenges postcolonial narratives, confronts social discrimination, and illuminates the rich tapestry of marginalized experiences. This initiative not only echoes MINCE e.V.'s commitment to anti-discriminatory cultural work but also aligns seamlessly with Miss Lulu Creates LTD's choreographic vision, setting a new standard for cultural empowerment and inclusivity. Together, they are crafting a narrative that celebrates diversity and fosters a more equitable society.” MINCE e.V

The Mince e.V and Miss Lulu creates partnership is a collaboration that celebrates and promotes inclusive and forward thinking of exploring and breaking the barriers around black dance and marginalised communities, using empowerment strategies, outreach, discussion, research and development whilst exploring artistic ways to celebrate unity and the diversity and richness that exists within our community.” Miss Lulu Creates 


About the partners


We are MINCE e.V. and we specialise in anti-discriminatory cultural youth work with a focus on authentic Black dance cultures. Our projects are aimed at anyone interested in culture, as we create spaces for African, Afrodiasporic, Black, PoC and White children, youth and adults. We work with the elements of dance, movement and music as central tools for self-empowerment and self-reflection.

Since 2017, we continuously offer a variety of projects for all ages: Jam sessions, workshops and conferences; exchange programs and family celebrations, as well as dance and cultural festivals. All of our projects are shaped from a postcolonial and power-critical perspective. To ensure this perspective, we regularly educate ourselves on these topics.

Throughout our work, we believe that community-building is key to create sustainable, positive social change towards a democratic and dynamic youth.


Miss Lulu Creates
is a creative artist within the Dance with over 20 years experience as a dancer, choreographer, creative director and newly appointed lecturer in dance at the London contemporary dance school in London, UK whilst also lecturing in the BA Hons dance course at Kingston University and Shockout Academy. She is the founder and director of Afroqueens Dance company and organiser of ‘AfroDanceBlast’ showcase - the only dance showcase in the Uk dedicated to platforming modern and traditional African dance performers and ‘Afro and More’ battles - an all female battle event. The mission of Miss Lulu creates Ltd is to impart knowledge, preserve dance culture and build community in higher education and underground dance spaces using African Dance as a driving force.


Image © MINCE