Common Values, Shared Dreams 

Partners: The Mighty Creatives (Leicester, England) and Werkhaus e.V. (Krefeld, Germany)

Image © The Mighty Creatives, Without Walls

“We want to share our expertise in developing cultural programmes which are children and young people centred and who are ‘in need’ in our respective countries.  i.e. children and young people who are care experienced, have experienced abuse or neglect, have a disability or life restricting illness, have experienced poverty / low income, absent parenting, living as a young carer, seeking asylum, in refuge or in alternative educational provision etc. We want to exchange about concepts for disadvantaged children and young people, and particularly explore the Creative Mentoring service developed by The Mighty Creatives.”

The Mighty Creatives and Werkhaus e.V. 

Latest news and blogs

In April 2024, members of The Mighty Creatives visited Krefeld for a three day programme of workshops and performances with Werkhaus e.V.

Find out more about the visit in the blog: Common Values, Shared Dreams: Reflecting on our first day in Krefeld with Werkhaus e.V

The team from Werkhaus will visit The Mighty Creatives in Leicester in November 2024. 

About the partners

The Mighty Creatives is an award-winning charity providing creative youth services for those who too often go unheard. Our vision is to fight for Social Justice for young people through arts, culture and creativity.  We are renowned for leading strategic partnerships, engaging stakeholders and undertaking research and evaluation. We have a skilled and knowledgeable board and staff team who have considerable expertise and experience in the fields of education, culture, youth engagement and co-production. We hold strong partnerships across the region and can deliver tried and tested, scalable programmes that contribute to positive and lasting transformation for children and young people. 

The Werkhaus e.V. co-operates with local partners and initiatives and involves, addresses and reaches people from all social classes, different age groups and nationalities.  Werkhaus e.V. in Krefeld runs a Cultural Centre, a Centre for Child and Youth Work, a Centre for Cultural Youth Education, an Education Centre and a Neighbourhood House. Werkhaus e.V. is a member of several umbrella organisations and national working groups e.g. Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft für eine andere Weiterbildung NRW e. V. (LAAW), LKD, Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Kulturpädagogische Dienste / Jugendkunstschulen NRW, Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband. We want to analyse and further develop which focuses on the concerns of disadvantaged children.  Questions of social disadvantage, poverty and disability flow into our cultural work; and the art and cultural work created with children is channelled back into wider urban society.   Practical expertise is also given by education workers from the Werkhaus Children’s Centre who work in co-operation with Youth Welfare Office.

Image © Werhaus Theaterlabor_Ensemble