Illuminate Together

A collaboration between Handmade Productions CIC (England) and Kapuziner Kreativzentrum (Germany)

Image © Handmade Productions CIC

“Handmade Productions and Kapuziner Kreativzentrum have very similar artistic practices and likeminded community values. Socially engaged and participatory practice is the core of both organisation’s work. This is what drives them to make beautiful artwork with communities; creating social cohesion, often led by communities and connecting with people who do not ordinarily engage with artistic activity.”  Clare Danon on behalf of Handmade Productions CIC and Kapuziner Kreativentrum

Through Illuminate Together, the partners explored, developed and exchanged their artistic approaches of community-led practice in which they create large-scale artworks such as lanterns, puppetry and wearables. They learnt together through co-creating a project to benefit both community audiences in Ravensburg and Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

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For the first stage of the partnership, Handmade Productions CIC and Kapuziner Kreativentrum arranged four Zoom sessions between April - June 2023, where they invited a guest artist to talk about their specialism with the idea that both organisations will learn and explore how the techniques could be incorporated into a parade or installation together, thus enabling new ways to engage with communities and artists. 

Artists and community participants from each organisation attended the sessions and engaged in a fully informative ‘Ignite’ questions and answers inspiration session.

Read more about the Zoom sessions in their blog post: Exploring new techniques for community engaged light night parades and installations

In September 2023, Sue Walpole from Handmade Productions visited the team at Kapuziner Kreativentrum to explore puppetry-making for parade techniques and discuss potential ideas to work together in the future. 

Handmade Productions are an arts organisation based in West Yorkshire, who specialise in producing community-focused parades and events.  Bringing artists into communities to create parades, festivals and stunning celebrations. We have a fantastic, talented and generous team of professional carnival artists, puppeteers, makers, musicians, stilt walkers and performers.

We make magic out of the everyday, create memories that last forever and transform how people see the world, their community and their place within it.

Our events are created with the communities we work with, between professional artists producing their own work, and high quality, accessible, community-making and performing workshops.

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Kapuziner Kreativzentrum is a community arts centre located in Ravensburg, South Germany. The former machine factory is now home to artists, musicians and the creative scene of the wider area. The program includes exhibitions, concerts and creative courses, with low-threshold events for the local community and abundant niches for geeks and freaks from all around. Rather than being a place for mere consumption, it is a place of cultural co-creation.

Since 2019, a lantern festival, the Ravensburger Lichterfest, is held biannually. Despite its short existence, the alternative carnival has become a popular event and a beloved appointment in the regional calendar.

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Image © Kapuziner Kreativzentrum