A collaboration between Make Works Scotland 'Paved with Gold' (Scotland) and Kulturzentrum LUISE (Germany)

Images: Edinburgh Tool Library, photographer Janine Matheson and Studio at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, photographer Helen Voce

“With Bespoke, Kulturzentrum LUISE and Make Works Scotland will collaborate to strengthen international learning and action on the potential for communities rooted in local craft, sustainability and grassroots networks to make a difference locally and globally. In Munich, Germany, we will work with artist Doro Seror at Zona Libre and Thomas Smith at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. In Scotland, we will work with socio-environmental purpose-driven manufacturers and the local maker scene in Edinburgh / Glasgow.” Helen Voce on behalf of Make Works Scotland 'Paved with Gold' and Kulturzentrum LUISE

The partnership emerged from a shared interest in engaging and developing communities of purpose-driven creative producers and communities in Edinburgh / Glasgow (Scotland) and Munich / Bavaria (Germany). Their practice is rooted in local craft, sustainability and grassroots networks and through Bespoke they collaborated to strengthen international learning and action on these topics relative to making, craftsmanship and art.

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In late April 2023, three associates from LUISE, Clara Holzheimer (Kulturzentrum LUISE), Doro Seror (Artist / Kreativquartier) and Ana Sofia Gonzalez Sandoval were hosted by Helen Voce (Make Works Scotland / Independent) Kaye Symington (Make Works Scotland / Paved With Gold) and Janine Matheson (Independent (formerly of Creative Edinburgh + Glasgow Connected Arts Network), where they met with over 20 individuals, studios and organisations based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Fife, to explore and understand the nature of Make Works Scotland’s work/remit and those the networks and communities that they support in order to develop their shared understanding and international learning/action around local craft, sustainability and grassroots networks.

The reciprocal visit between Scotland and Germany took place at the end of June 2023, where Helen Voce and Janine Matheson were joined by artist, Dan Brown, whom the German team had previously met on their visit in April, as they took a similar tour around Munich's repair cafes, maker spaces and fab labs and explored the purpose-driven spaces and work taking place in the city. 

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Local people, local knowledge, local action

Make Works is a global library of local manufacturing supporting people to find sustainable fabricators, material suppliers and workshop facilities. Helen Voce and Kaye Symington at Paved With Gold are the current custodians of Make Works Scotland - the first region and original home of Make Works - supporting local networks and communities to use the platform. They raise awareness of the skills, knowledge and capability of local manufacturers, fabricators and makers to shift the perception of manufacturing, design, craft, making and repair in Scotland.

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LUISE is a cultural community centre situated in one of Munich’s most dynamic neighbourhoods. The programme is made up of local projects, initiatives, cultural workers and committed citizens who bring in their ideas and LUISE supports them with infrastructure, as well as projects and participatory formats that LUISE designs itself and implements in alliance with other cultural or social institutions. The most important goal of their activities is to promote cultural participation. The offers of LUISE appeal to all different kinds of target groups and try to reach people who do not find their way to a cultural location so naturally.

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Image: Mapping Workshop map, photographer Dr Thomas Smith