A collaboration between Folkestone Fringe (England) and Fine Arts Institute Leipzig - FAIL (Germany)

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"FAILSTONE will create inclusive spaces for gatherings and creative expression in- and outside of the institutional realm with local communities in England and Germany." Diane Denver on behalf of Folkestone Fringe and Fine Arts Institute Leipzig - FAIL

Following the development of the partnership through the Cultural Bridge pilot programme, FAILSTONE will be a co-creation with specific communities to contribute to festival and exhibition programmes taking place in public space. The project will create inclusive spaces for gatherings and creative expression outside of the institutional realm with the intention to share this learning with the funders and complicit institutions (Kunstverein Ludwigshafen and Urban Room Association). Find out more about the initial project, ‘Bridget - building better bridges’ here: 

Latest news

While Folkestone Fringe and FAIL continued to have their bi-weekly online discussions instigated during the pilot year of their partnership, this year they've created space for two longer residencies allowing for deeper opportunities to engage with communities and work together. 

The first took place in July 2023 when FAIL joined the team in Folkestone for a month-long residency, setting up in the Urban Room and co-curating elements of the Festival of Looking, which included the Urban Room Takeover. The brief was open, ensuring the programme was responsive to the explorations and interactions with Folkestone communities. 

The Folkestone Fringe team will visit FAIL in Leipzig in October.

Fine Art Institute Leipzig (FAIL) believes in art as a common ground for honest encounters.

People express and interpret fearless once there is nothing to lose.

FAIL Institute creates formats that are based on radically honest creation, mediation and reception of contemporary art.

Understanding the tense atmosphere in (eastern) Germany, building bridges between rural and urban areas is a priority. With a focus on emerging artists, failure is not only an option but essential to every instance of life.

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Folkestone Fringe is an artist-led organisation committed to creating opportunities and projects which connect across communities, inviting people to be visible, celebrate diversity and make place together.

We believe in the transformative power of art - both in a personal sense, and also as a way of highlighting societal issues and driving social change.

In particular, we empower a younger generation to be the producers of well-considered, meaningful cultural activity locally.

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