Playing with Audio Walks: Storydive meets Produced Moon

A collaboration between Produced Moon (Scotland) and Storydive (Germany)

Image © Storydive

“This funding will support a new collaboration between Produced Moon and Storydive: we'll combine interactive play and digital audio walks to develop a new approach to participatory work. We explore how play, puzzles and interactive storytelling can push Storydive’s App technology, to create extraordinary interactive creative experiences with and for young people.”  Mel Frances on behalf of Produced Moon and Storydive 

With both partners working at the intersection of storytelling, socially engaged practice and creative technologies, the project will allow them to explore how their practices can be combined to develop a new approach to participatory work. Specifically, how Produced Moon’s experience in interactive play can meet Storydive’s audio walk practice.

Storydive is a platform and multiplicator for artistic and literary audio walks, supporting artists and cultural / educational institutions throughout the production process of audio walks which are published in the apps Storydive and Ortspiel. They also create audio walks together with children and young people and train educators on the subject. Workshop topics cover urban development, culture of remembrance, empowerment and own voice narratives.

The company was founded by audio walk producer Sophie Burger and software developer Fabian Eck in 2021 and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

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Produced Moon’s work exists at the intersection between theatre and technology, we make interactive work for the digital age. Produced Moon has two artistic directors who work collaboratively to create mixed reality, VR and theatrical works. Our Joint Artistic Directors are digital artist and mathematician Melanie Frances and queer immersive theatre maker Leonie Rae Gasson. 

We make work that centres the audience’s experience. Our work ranges from escape rooms to game theatre, participatory digital storytelling to 360 degree film. We play with form and push at the boundaries between live and digital work.

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Produced Moon Boundless Theatre Science Gallery London Image © Jane Hobson